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Since our company was founded, we have been a trusted name for Port St. Lucie Pavers and more! Our team strives to provide exceptional service with competitive prices that will never disappoint you or your wallet. We are confident this reputation speaks volumes about us as experts in paver  configuration and install- which can add value both aesthetically and financially to make any home look even better than before!

Some people think that they can do their paver project on their own. But, it is essential to know beforehand the many pitfalls of this task and how hard it will be for you as a novice without watching hundreds of videos on the topic. And with so much else going wrong in life these days, we don’t recommend taking on something like this at home if you’re not already an expert or have had some formal training before – otherwise, you may end up wasting your money!

Our Company has been a fixture for paving contractors in the St Lucie County, Fl area for over a decade. We’ve got an excellent track record and employ only qualified professionals with access to all of the best equipment, making our crew your stop shop when it comes time to pave your driveway or patio!


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Port St Lucie Pavers

We are a team of passionate and skilled artisans with an eye for detail. We specialize in retaining walls, custom drives, patio, walkways, and outdoor kitchens using natural stones, or bricks. Our vast selection is perfect for helping you create the aesthetic that’s right for your home or business, from small accent pieces to add visual interest to large projects like complete driveway replacement.

At Lucie Pavers, we want to make the process of building your new outside living space just as fun and exciting for you! We offer consultations with no obligation–visit today.

Pavers are an effective way to add beauty and equity to your home; contact today for a free estimate! What meets the eye when it comes to adding tiles? Stone can beautify the front of any house. The available paver colors let you match every designer touch on exterior items like trim or shutters with our products. We also offer installation from start to finish–so there is no need for an extra contractor to seamlessly bring all exterior features together.

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About Us

Lucie Pavers is a family-owned and operated company providing high-quality landscaping services to Saint Lucie County Fl for a long time. Our attention to detail and customer service is what sets us apart from other companies in this industry. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with the best possible experience, whether it’s a new install or maintenance on your existing landscape. Whether you have 1,000 square feet of pool decking or 100 yards of driveway to be installed, we can take care of all your needs!

Benefits of Pavers

  • = Unrivaled Beauty
  • =Easy Upkeep
  • =Long term cost efficiency
Driveway pavers
Paver Patios in Port St Lucie
Pool Decking in Port St Lucie

Residential Paver

Driveways are a necessary part of many houses, but not all. Using stone can be an expensive decision with both aesthetic and functional elements; the two need to balance out for any project to work correctly. To ensure they do, we always collaborate closely with clients themselves during every step of the process: from mock up through completion and maintenance that–When you need a new driveway, screened-in patio, or kitchen, there’s only one name to trust: Paver. They have the experience and dedication to making your project worth staring at for a long time!

Commercial & Business Paver Installation

We have everything from a simple residential driveway to large commercial parking lots. We offer some of the best materials for your project. You can trust us when it comes time to find out which is suitable for you. Regardless of what we end up using on your job site, rest assured that our work will be impeccable and done quickly so that you won’t have any downtime waiting around!

Apart from homes, we also do jobs in public spaces such as roads or highways, drives walkway corners, or staircases. If you have a commercial project, don’t hesitate to contact the team for a quote. 


Our professional paving company helps contractors save time and money on projects. With our years of experience in the industry, they are the most trusted company out there. We have been servicing contractors since the beginning with our premier services like: new paver  installations, resurfacing, sealcoating drives and walkways. We an expert in all forms, from install to repairs. And has excellent rating across the board!

We work with contractors to provide all their paver needs and offer competitive pricing in Vero Beach, Stuart and Fort Peirce. Contact today for more information on our services or if you are interested in becoming a valued partner!


Paver Installation
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Our Commitment

With our unique, efficient process, we can have your dream walkway today. Shortly, you’ll be able to enjoy life with an outside space that’s beautiful and functional! Our Paver Company is a family-owned and operated paving contractor committed to providing customers with the highest quality of artistry at competitive prices. Patios, driveways, and decks are our specialty, but we do more than pave! Let our pros help you plan your next project – from grading to finish. Receive a free paver quote now!

Paver Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to have someone install pavers?

There are many different types of outdoor flooring options. Pavers, for example, come in a variety of colors and textures that professional installers or DIY homeowners can install to create an affordable patio space with low-maintenance surfaces. The cost varies depending on the type you choose but ranges from $8 per square foot up to about $25 per square foot before installation costs, such as taxes and permits, which average at around 30% total price when installing them yourself. For instance, 280 sq ft paver installations may cost anywhere between 2200 – 7600 dollars.

What are the steps to install a paver?

Excavate the Site:

Fill and Compact the Base:

Install 1″ of Bedding Sand

Installing the Edge Restraint:

Field and Border Stones:

Trimming May Be Required:

Initial Setting and Lock-up:

Final Compaction and Lock-up:

Seal the Project


Can you put pavers on top of dirt?

If you have a dirt floor and need to install pavers, here are some tips. You must excavate the ground/dirt, level it out with cement or asphalt (if required), harden the surface by compacting material into this newly created space using heavy equipment such as roller-type machines that apply weight onto an open drum filled with gravel or sand. Finally, lay down your bricks on top of these materials for installation purposes!

Typically laying pavers over dirt is not recommended. Suppose you do so without taking proper precautions like leveling all aspects of your soil and securing them tightly together. In that case, they will eventually shift apart from each other creating gaps between pieces. This can lead to tripping hazards in addition to just being aesthetically displeasing.


What kind of paver can I use for a driveway?

It depends on why it’s being paved in the first place. For example, if someone wants a more decorative look, then maybe they would want to use something like porcelain or stone pavers which will offer an attractive appearance while still providing plenty of practicality as well such as less maintenance and durability than other types may provide because these curbside stones have been handed down by their quarrying process making them very durable with minimal upkeep required over time.

On the opposite end of that spectrum, some people might want pavement solely for functional purposes, so they may want to go with something like asphalt, which will provide a much easier time of driveway maintenance and less weight and bulk on their land in the long run for an easy, smooth ride.

Does a Paver Patio Add value to your Fl home?

For homeowners seeking a return on investment, adding a paver patio is the way to go. Inman reports that 30% – 60% of these investments will bear fruit in terms of added value for your home. Patios are challenging and easy to maintain: this means minimal effort from you!

Do you compact sand before laying pavers?

Before laying bedding sand or pavers, your gravel base needs to be flat and firm, without any bellies or rises of more than 1/8″. You accomplish this kind of precision by properly compacting your floor and your pavers. If you fail to compress, you’ll experience sunken or raised pavers.

What is the difference between paver sand and paver base?

Paver patios can be installed with a 4-inch layer of compacted paver base, while driveways need 12 inches. Some manufacturers recommend adding 1/2 inch sand before installing their products to ensure the soil is smooth and even for the paving stones. The installation process involves smoothing over your surface area with either a plate or hand compactor, then layering on top of it in layers: first some gravel (or crushed stone), followed by 3″ – 4″ pinscreen, topped off by more dirt until you reach the desired height.

Are Pavers worth the money?

Pavers have a higher resale value because of their beauty and versatility. Concrete slabs are generally more common, but even cheap pavers will net you more value over time because cement is expensive to replace.

Do pavers need to be sealed?

Pavers are perfect for homeowners who want to invest in a beautiful surface and need it to be versatile. Cement slabs may seem preferable because they’re more common and less expensive, but over time the resale value of concrete will fall below those with paver surfaces.

Do I need a permit for pavers in Florida?

You don’t need a contractor’s license to install tiles for walkways or drives, but if you want to construct something like Florida rooms and carports in the state of Florida – then yes. However, installing an above-ground pool does not require licensing at all!

You may be surprised that there are some DIY projects where contractors’ licenses aren’t required; this is true when it comes to putting down paver blocks on your driveway or walkway (but keep in mind that these types of installations do come with certain restrictions). But before making any decisions about what kind of project you want to be done–whether it’s constructing a room addition such as a “Florida Room” or building out additional space by adding onto the existing structure make sure to check local guidelines and choose an accredited contractor for your project.

Does polymeric sand drain?

If installed correctly and maintained regularly, polymeric sand will harden to lock your pavers in place for a more effective weed and insect deterrent. It still allows water to drain freely so that you do not have flooding problems from the high volume of rainfall or runoff during storms.

Many homeowners have used polymeric sand because it is an affordable solution that helps prevent weeds from growing up through their pavement while also being easy on landscaping around them with its ability to let rainwater pass right through without getting clogged like regular sidewalk tiles can be prone to after time goes on the due excessive buildup of dirt, leaves, etc.

Can I use regular sand between pavers?

You can use your choice of polymeric sand or All-Purpose/Leveling/Paver sand to adhere paving stones together permanently. Joint sand is another option for filling the gaps between pavers and then sweeping them into joints.


​We are the premier paving company in Fl for your exterior needs. We use only state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade materials to ensure you get an excellent product at a reasonable price. Want driveway work, walkway construction, paver restoration, or something else? No problem! Whatever service you need, we have it covered and on time with our team of experts that will bring peace into every project from start to finish.

Custom circle built with pavers

Custom Paver Driveways

If you’re looking for a pave company that will take your dull and worn-out driveway from drab to fab in no time, look no further than us. We have experience using different materials, so we know how to give your driveway the exact custom layout it deserves. With our excellent equipment and dedicated staff, an expertly designed parking area can be yours without hassle or delay!

Driveways built with pavers

Custom Walkways

​Paving your walkway can give you a better first impression of visitors. Not only does paving make cleaning more manageable, but it also allows you to choose the designs that will best match your home’s style and personality–whether simple or extravagant. No matter what kind of paved pathway we create together with our team at Lucie Pavers – Drives & Patios we are sure to provide high-quality results in the shortest time possible so that soon, when people visit, they’ll think, “Wow! This is such an adorable area.”

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Fire Pits

You can’t go wrong with a paver fireplace. Not only are they elegant and functional, but the warmth is nothing short of appreciated on those chilly winter nights when sitting in front; it feels like you’re basking in an eternal springtime glow. But before installing your fire pit or chiminea outside, there are some things to consider, such as if you want wood-burning or gas-burning (or electric)? These two options come with pros and cons: do I need something that will constantly be burning? Or would I prefer controlling just how much heat my outside area gets at any given time?

The selection of a fireplace paver can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to stop you from choosing correctly. By deciding on the size and shape and what fuel source is best for your needs, our crew in Port St. Lucie, will do our very best to make sure that they are functional and stylish additions to any home or business space. No matter if you’re looking for wood-burning pits or gas-burning ones, all of them come with high-quality finishings, so there’s no need to worry about anything!

New Paver installation in Port St Lucie

Swimming Pool Decks Paving and Coping

Decks are an awesome way to spruce up any backyard. When choosing the paver material and look of your deck, however, there are several factors you need to consider for it not only to fit into its landscape but also to be safe enough from potential accidents that might occur on top of slippery surfaces or weak structures. Non-toxic materials with textured surfaces are essential so as not to invite slips and fall onto the hard pavement; robust construction is necessary since many Floridians live through four seasons each year which can wear down their gardens over time if they put no effort into upkeep; finally, aesthetics should always come first when designing anything!

As a family-owned business in Saint Lucie County Fl, there is nothing better than knowing that we can provide decking services at competitive prices while maintaining quality artistry.


swimming pool decks with pavers

Pool coping

A swimming pool in Fl are an essential sanctuary for some homeowners and, it’s well known that a swimming pool significantly adds value to your home. Our team in Port St Fl has the knack when it comes to designing stunning designs around the perimeter of our customer’s beautiful new coping so you can enjoy them as much as we do!

retaining walls built using stone

Retaining Walls

Walls are often overlooked for a property’s landscape, but they play an essential role. They can be used as retaining walls or freestanding ones; both benefit depending on the circumstance. Retaining walls keep soil in place and give your space character, while freestanding provide you with some division options that make for killer aesthetics!

patio and pool enclosure built with pavers

Patios and Screen Rooms

Our paving experts have worked on patios of all shapes and sizes – from detached to attached, with different styles and colors. Regardless, we’re sure to find the best option for your project that will work within any budget! Free quote available on all services.

Paver install in Stuart Florida

We know you have seen sidewalk pavers before, but these are not just any old materials. At first glance, these natural stone tiles may look delicate and fragile, but they offer a magnetic surface that will surely intrigue your imagination! They come in many different colors to match all of your decorating needs too! 

Like the many different types of stones, various paver surfaces can be used. Some common ones include cobblestone, flagstone, slate bluestone, and travertine, such as limestone or granite, which come from natural sources. There is another type, including clay brick, rubber, and grass, that don’t belong to any category because they’re not naturally sourced but instead created with artificial materials.

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Cobblestones have been used for centuries to pave roads, and they vary in shape, size, material, and color. The rounded stones are not a stone but just generally cobbles that are the term given to any piece of natural stone such as granite or limestone when it has been squared off or shaped into smaller pieces. They can be tough on your feet if you’re wearing sandals, so unless you want some blisters, make sure there’s enough space between each – about 2-4 inches should do!

Flagstones are a type of stone that can be used for many different purposes. They come in blue, buff, red and other colors. Flagstone pavers require either sealing or being set over subsurface layers depending on the requirements.

Slates are an excellent option for outdoor surfaces that need to be durable. Not only do they make your home more attractive, but the color and texture also add character to an otherwise gray yard. The natural dyes come from their mineral makeup, which is formed over time by deposits of clay or mudstone with shale layers inside them. These minerals give slates their unique looks, including browns, grays, purples, reds, and blue hues!

Since ancient times, slate tiles have been used due to their durability properties, such as being resistant against corrosion caused by water when it freezes during the winter season. They can withstand changes in temperature better than other materials like bricks because the slate has low thermal conductivity where penetration resistance remains high despite the expansion.

Imagine a walkway made of natural stones with the texture and appearance you love. This is precisely what blue stone does! These types of rocks are used for many purposes, but one thing that makes them superior is their ability to withstand rough use, such as being on a floor or ground underfoot all day long without getting scratched up too much.

Travertine pavers are a natural choice for indoor and outdoor use, as they have pores that make them look coarse but still elegant. They work well in areas where you need to create antiskid surfaces or look for good swimming pool deck paver choices. Keep them safe from scouring agents by keeping chemicals away when using these calcium carbonate stone tiles!

Granite pavers are rugged, durable stones that can be used in many ways. They come with an array of colors and patterns to make your patio or walkway the envy of your neighborhood!

Sandstone is undoubtedly hard and beautiful, with color variants such as pink, brown, yellow, black, and gray easy to customize. But they are also vulnerable to scratches or stains due to the grainy texture, making them not ideal for swimming pools where moisture can be a common occurrence. Make sure you install coarse sandstone surfaces near this kind of place!

When you need a flooring surface that is sure to dazzle and amaze, it’s hard to beat marble stone. Available in some of the most exquisite colors such as blue-gray, pure white, green-brown black pink salmon – these stones are perfect for outdoor usage on swim pool decks or pavers (outdoors), but also inside your home!

Cement pavers are great for building your outdoor patio. If you want a smooth finish, cement is the way to go!  Concrete consists of coarse aggregate and fine aggregates that produce lighter weight concrete with water and liquid agent to release all air bubbles left when pouring it out on construction sites which results in smoother surfaces if compared with sand or other materials such as gravel. 

The material used by both construction companies and homeowners alike helps create durable structures like patios, pool decks, sidewalks, and roads, among many others things, so look no further than this product choice next time you need an everlasting surface!

These style pavers are perfect for when you want a classic building look. Lucie Pavers offer an architectural and sophisticated appearance that will impress all landscaping aficionados. It’s like walking on streets brick pavers from back in the day!

Free Online Paver Quote

Lucie Pavers – Drives and Patio Services Inc is the number 1 company for all of your paving needs. We offer free estimates on installation, patio, driveway installs, fire pits, and retaining walls. Our team has been in the business since 2001, and we’ve got decades of experience to back us up!

You deserve quality artistry that will last you decades to come. With our expert knowledge in this field, we guarantee that you can trust us with any project, big or small. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you get started with your dream space!

Give us a call at (772) 585-7000, or fill out our website form below to schedule an appointment today! If your looking pavers near me from Stuart to Vero Beach we have you covered. Make sure to check out our social media as well.


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